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Ashampoo HDD Control - Monitor you hard drive like a pro

Tired of several apps and softwares running in the background and you are helpless to stop them? This blog shall help you out of your misery. To begin with visit and download the Ashampoo HDD Control for FREE.  Ashampoo HDD Control Corporate Edition  is a powerful hard disk monitoring tool that allows you to clean your system, prevent data loss and perform disk defragmentation . It  is a comprehensive tool that can scan your entire system and reveal areas that require maintenance. The software allows you to run HDD benchmarks and compare the results online, as well as to monitor the processor temperature. Ashampoo HDD Control   can perform disk defragmentation for the selected drive and offers support for pro-active defrag. The results of the process can be displayed in real time in the designated area. You can pause, resume or stop the defragmentation at any time. The drive cleaner tool can detect unnecessary files stored on your computer, such as logs, history, caches,

Your Free DVD Copy - copying DVD redifined

If you are a novice to DVD copying, then do read along, my article is for you. Copy any DVD to blank DVD or computer hard drive with ease with FREE DVD Copy download for free from . You can now backup and therefore protect all of your movies collection from scratches, theft and loss.  It also can burn DVD from hard drive to blank DVD. The copied DVD is completely the same as the original DVD you bought.  Your Free DVD Copy   is a great and free DVD cloner software, with clear, pretty-looking interface. It is so easy, even a child could use it. In most cases, all you need is to click a Copy & Paste button and the program will do the rest. You will be amazed with the simplicity yet effectiveness of the tool

Sync your music across all devices with Style Jukebox

Redefine your perception of sound. Store your entire music collection on Style Jukebox and play it at Hi-Res 24bit/192kHz audio quality, on all your devices.  Style Jukebox is a High-Fidelity streaming service that helps you keep all your music – be it bought, self-produced, or imported from CDs or other media, always backed up and synced across all your devices . Fill your speakers with crystal clear, high-quality sound and rediscover your favorite songs' hidden delights and subtle melodies you never knew existed. Style Jukebox offers 24bit/192kHz High-Fidelity sound quality by supporting a wide range of lossless audio formats like FLAC, M4A-ALAC, WAV, AIFF and APE, in addition to MP3, AAC, OGG, and WMA.To upload music to Style Jukebox, download and install Style Jukebox on your computer from for free (Windows, Mac or Linux).

Taskbar Control - Take control of windows taskbar

Taskbar Control  is a tiny and portable application made to toggle the Windows taskbar display via a global hotkey. It doesn't contain any other notable options or configuration settings.  This tool can be extremely useful to those who frequently access the Properties dialog of the taskbar to select and deselect the auto-hide option. S ince there is no setup pack involved, you can drop the program files anywhere on the disk and just click the executable to launch Taskbar Control.  Otherwise, you can keep it stored on a USB flash drive to directly run it on any PC effortlessly. It shouldn't make any modifications to your Windows registry . By opening the right-click menu of the tray icon, you can access the configuration panel to specify a key or combination of two or three keys for quickly hiding the system taskbar and making it visible again. Taskbar Control provides casual and power users alike with a fast and effective method to toggling the system taskbar's visibility

Run as System - The best alternative to windows run

The best alternative to windows run key has been found by us. Often to run a command or debug there are loads of hassles especially run as admin!   Run As System is a simple tool that enables you to start a program or run command and script whichever you like or desire under a local system account. Requires administrative privileges on the PC. This tool is fully compatible with Vista UAC . For example, to launch an interactive command prompt as a system account simply type 'cmd'. To run batch file use 'cmd /c [filepath]' command and you are done with it! Download for free now with !

Security Camera Suite - Sync all CCTV cameras!

If you have many security cameras at home, like mine and the native software is giving you trouble managing it, then Security Camera Suite is a solution for you! It is totally free IP/CCTV video surveillance solution (Not any kind of charge, no one channel limit, it is totally free). It can connect webcam, IP camera, DVR and capture cards and sync all CCTV cameras !  Not just an cam viewer, this software has many many options like motion detection, fire/smoke detection, people counter, people tracking, video re-broadcast, e-Map, POS, remote POS, timeline playback, instant playback, DIO/alarm box, statistics graph, spot-screen, PTZ, scheduler, motion detect, de-interlace filter, mask filter, storage recycle, and a lot more, you name it, this has it. This suite also include desktop client application and video wall software, and video can be viewed with mobile client app. Dowload the app for free from .

ChrisPC Win Experience Index -Assess your PC performance

While the windows tool can get you the assessment of your PCs present performance index, it often not so accurate. Scores are assigned more to windows index and other factors lose out. However, wouldnt it be fun if you could choose experience what your score will be with different components and then go about buying them, seeing if it meets your requirements and expectations? This feature is missing in windows 10 and 8.1 so can rely on ChrisPC Win Experience Index! The WEI is a measurement utility that can can help you get an idea of the responsiveness and performance you should expect of the PC.  ChrisPC Win Experience Index features a highly intuitive graphic interface that only displays the ratings, without any unnecessary menus or buttons.  It basically assesses the hardware on the computer and assigns a rating to the processor, RAM, graphics, gaming graphics and primary hard disk - once these scores are displayed, the lowest one will also be assigned to the PC.  Download for

LXtory-Take screenshots with ease

With so many media capture utilities and hosting services to choose from, it is no wonder that finding the right one is not easy. With it comes the added risk that they never seem to work so well with each other. If taking screenshots and gifs is your requirement, then LXtory is what you want.  It can take screenshots and record GIFs, and then upload them with minimal input required on your part. LXtory allows you to capture screenshots of a selected window , a specific area of the desktop or the entire screen. These images can be saved locally as PNG files, as well as uploaded automatically. The application can upload images or GIFs as soon as they are created, copy their URLs to the clipboard and open the links in your default browser. save everything locally, it is remarkably easy to upload content to  Imgur ,  Dropbox ,  Google Drive and FTP servers. Download for free now from .

Business analysis with bubble charts made easy

Running a business but not sure how to manage costs and resources? Are you always running out of time and money and not sure how to make it work? Then we have the right software for you, The Bubble Chart Pro Optimal! This is not just any business management software , but the one that lets you m anage your project portfolios using SMART ranking, fast optimization, and beautiful  bubble charts . Bubble Chart Pro combines the power of colorful bubble charts with business analysis tools so that you can prioritize, optimize, and visualize your project or business data helping you make faster and better decisions in your business. Bubble Chart Pro lets you quickly compare the relationships between your business or project in critical business parameters such as cost, profit, and risk making sure you never lose track of your resources again! You can download this amazing software for free from , for a sincle click hassle free download experience.

Read Project Schedules at the touch of a button on any platform!

Are you a project planning professional who needs to review schedules for a large scale production or large construction project? Then my post is exclusively for you people. It is always tiresome to keep opening Primavera and logging on oracle servers every time you want to view your project. On top of that comes the part where P6 licenses don't come cheap and buying them just for simple viewing and editing makes no sense. Introducing the Primavera Reader-The most comprehensive project schedule reader .  Not only does it provide you the ability to view project details for specific calendars but also provides transparency between all projects going on and itys stakeholders ensuring on time and on budget completion. This viewer is perfectly in sync with Oracle Primavera P6 schedules. PrimaveraReader is a cost-effective solution to get a visual breakdown of your schedule allowing exporting you projects as an .xer or .xls files. Also save 90% of p6 license cost! Download the full ve

Power Archiver-Forget Winrar, this software is the one you need!

Over the years compression tools have become more and more important. As app and game sizes increase exponentially and storage sizes stay a standstill, the need for squeezing as much as possible in as little a space as you can makes more sense. Usually we have been using Winrar. But its compressions have limitations. Not all files can be compressed well and antiviruses return false positives of it. Plus the constant reminder to buy it after 40 days looms large. The problem can be solved with the best compression software in the market, making winrar look like a drawf. Introducing the Power Archiver. In addition to RAR and ZIP it can extract a lot more than winrar can, even BH files making it a software better than winrar ! Topple that with auto updating the app and features like password protection and corrupted file repair and you have got yourself a package! Download your free software from , the ultimate software solution!

Enjoy dual monitor effect on your PC or Laptop

Its fascinating to watch developers and gamer work on two monitors simultaneously. The feel of a dual monitor is amazing. Basically you are not splitting your app window and losing resolution in the process but the two monitors display the resolutions with perfection. However its not for most to invest in two monitors. We found the cheapest and the most legit solution from This amazing app call TL Dual Monitor not only gives you a dual monitor feel, software making single screen to dual screen but lets u adjust the pixel height and density of each app you are dividing your screen into. Now make multiple viewports on a single monitor with ease. Download for free now from .

Photos to Exe-Create amazing photo reels and slideshows

When we return from a vacation, a big party or a farewell, two things remain in our possession. One is the memories, another photos. Today with the advent of social media calls upon posting hundreds of pics of whatever party you are in and with mobiles developing camera we have unlimited supply of photos! You can now use this amazing software called Photos to EXE to instantly convert hundred of images into slideshows ! Yes thats right, its not even limited to images, texts and sounds can be attached too! Having a digital photo frame got so much easier with amazing background music! The software also allows you to convert files into formats playable by specific devices! Download this multifaceted app now with for a hassle-free and virus free download!

NkTimeTrackerPro-Track your time on the NET!

This is something I face on a daily basis. I open up Facebook to check up on the feeds and promise myself its only gonna be 5 mins. But, one post to another, opens a new tab and the adventure continues. Not only is social media to blame here. Often while playing games we lose track of time and waste productive time behind mulling over the internet. What if there was this one tool which would not only keep track of times of what you are doing but also give u a reminder of the same? Ladies and gentlemen, I was lucky to come across this amazing software from , which helped me manage my time on the web.  NkTimeTracker - an online time tracking software tool not only monitors your time on the net or while you play games, it keeps a log of it which you can easily export or import to! Also the software has a forced break feature where it closes the browser and game you are playing at your set interval. So download it now and enjoy a more productive life. 

NetCut - disconnect everyone from the internet!

This should be classified as one of the most dangerous software in the hands of nerds. I tested it out in two different universities that I attended - spread across India, more than 2000KM apart, and this software did wonders! What NetCut basically does it disconnect everybody else from the internet . It is a really great tool in the hands of a newbie hacker. Use it once and be called a hacker forever. Even though the software is free, really simple to use and one can find it abundantly on the internet, I could not find many users for it in the universities I attended. Technically, it makes your computer or laptop act as the main wifi gateway and spreads false information to all others connected that this is the new gateway. So, only your computer then uses the real internet, whereas all others traffic is redirected towards your computer where it ends abruptly. It is very difficult to find out who is operating the software when it is used on the wifi network. It is completely safe

We have launched Softpaz!

Our foundry has launched our much awaited flagship website - Softpaz . We are working on setting up everything on the new server, and keeping our fingers crossed to see any new bugs, but everything seems to be running fine for now. We have got more than: 180,000 windows software 20,000 free windows games 4,000 windows themes (including some really great themes for Windows XP - yes some guys are still using it, we get 20% traffic from Windows XP) 34,000 beautiful hand picked wallpapers in multiple resolutions and aspect ratios 700 required essential dll files that can be copied over easily. Our crawlers keep checking for best deals, latest released versions of software and new games, and then update them into our database, copying over the files to our fast servers so that you can enjoy the uninterrupted downloads without worrying about broken links! Hope you enjoy our new creation and if you face any problems, feel free to contact us at

Yayy! We got our domain!

We have finally purchased our domain name @ - This will be the primary domain of Softpaz. The website is currently up in its beta stage on and is attracting 500 visitors per day! We hope to enable https for the new domain soon - preferrably from the free provider Hope to launch soon in a day or two!

Why Softpaz?

The biggest question that comes to everyone's mind is why another software download website on the internet. The answer to that is simple - to create a more simplistic interface where people can download software without getting caught on to strange looking download buttons, even stranger advertisements, and download information with clear cut knowledge about whether the software is paid or free. Most of us don't care about the additional title of 'free-to-play', 'free to try', 'free to review', etc and just want to know if the software is paid or free. All software can be broadly classified as software for which you have to pay money, or software which you can use without paying any money. Many websites baffle the users with so many available options that the user is not themselves sure if pressing the download button will charge their credit card or make the aliens invade their home the next moment. Softpaz aims to categorize all these data spread o