Ashampoo HDD Control - Monitor you hard drive like a pro

Tired of several apps and softwares running in the background and you are helpless to stop them? This blog shall help you out of your misery. To begin with visit and download the Ashampoo HDD Control for FREE. Ashampoo HDD Control Corporate Edition is a powerful hard disk monitoring tool that allows you to clean your system, prevent data loss and perform disk defragmentation. It is a comprehensive tool that can scan your entire system and reveal areas that require maintenance. The software allows you to run HDD benchmarks and compare the results online, as well as to monitor the processor temperature.
Ashampoo HDD Control can perform disk defragmentation for the selected drive and offers support for pro-active defrag. The results of the process can be displayed in real time in the designated area. You can pause, resume or stop the defragmentation at any time.
The drive cleaner tool can detect unnecessary files stored on your computer, such as logs, history, caches, error reports, temporary files or shortcuts and instantly clean them. Download for free from


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