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Listen to any radio from any part of the world!

In today's world radio is a happening place. The jockeys are more fun than ever and radio is not only about music anymore, its about entertainment, podcasts and unlimited gossips. From sports to music, radio has got it all. In the world of over 130 countries there are 30k radio stations! Browse through them all using myTuner radio! The app is the most trusted radio streaming service allowing over 1 million people to stream radio from any part of the world . Listen to radio of your homeland or country while you are at it abroad. Download for free now from !

Free Audio Converter for your needs

Tired of your music player throwing tantrums with file formats? Unable to platy most of them? Then here is something to bail you out :  Free Audio Converter  ! Exclusively available at, this converter can convert different audio file formats from MP3 to WAV. You can even set conversion presets to hasten the process and also delete old converted files you are in no need of. This supports both single and batch modes and minus any adwares! So safe and easy to install and work with! Download for free now from !

The best scientific calculator software is here

We all have known and seen a Scientific Calculator. This calculator has added functions of trigonometry, differentials and integrals apart from the standard tool sets. However, wouldn't it be great if entire expressions can be written down over in a single line with its results displayed! This is made possible with ScienCalc . The software can easily take down complex calculations with ease. It enables students, teachers and engineers  the power to find values for even the most complex equation set . Be it linear, polynomial or rational, all equations are satisfied with this calculator! Download for free now from .

Get astrnomical updates easily with this software!

Our elders often said that the position of stars and planets influence our decision and life. If you are into astronomy, or knowing the position of stars is important for you, why rely on internet and unreliable sources when you have gone one right on your PC! Yes friends, download the amazing astronomy software, Altair . From azimuths and positions of stars, sun and moon, you can get any and every astronomical information in minutes . Download for free now from and calculate Julian and Sidereal times etc with ease.

Synchronize all passwords into a one stop system

Usually in a large computer environment where many systems are linked together, it usually happens that every software installed has a different username and password. This causes a hectic task of remembering them in the first place and then if any change is made, they have to be reflected across all the systems. With Password Synchronizer , you can keep all your passwords can be synchronized and kept securely at one point . Not only that once installed in all the nodes, any change in passwords made by any system is reflected and automatically corrected for reflection into other systems. Download for free now from !

Recover oracle Passwords easily

Oracle is the most efficient and industry recognized database management and scheduling software. It allows a lot of softwares of oracle or other manufacturers to create a standalone database on its database listings. However Oracle has one drawback that upon forgetting the password, you can never access the software. Download the Oracle Password Auditor now from for free. This software can not only recover your lost oracle password but its database stores a dictionary available of common oracle usernames and passwords that are updated and used to bruteforce entry into oracle! Download now!

Learn foreign languages easily

Learning a new language can be a strenuous task, Not only new words are needed to be imbibed... but also new scripts and pronunciation. To help you with this endeavor, we have brought the latest learning tool, MemoBlaster. MemoBlaster is a simple software that works on the principle of making you work on your mistakes to learn better. Simply download for free from and configure any new word that you have learned. Everyday it displays these words for you to recount the meaning and learn! The words you score bad on, are repeated often so better learning process!

Decrypt ransomware files easily

Ransomware has taken the world by storm. This new kind of virus has taken over several networks and encrypted files then ransoming money in return for decrypting these files. However, now we have the antidote for this venom Presenting Trend Micro's latest invention,  Trend Micro Ransomware File Decryptor  has all the solutions. Simply integrate it into your antivirus and system and easily recover the files encrypted by the virus and also delete the virus itself. Download for free now from !

Make more effective powerpoint presentations with Power-user

We all want to make presentations that captivate and make our audience our fans. But that takes a lot of effort and some experience. Plus while using power point, there are certain restrictions that that can never be overridden. In that case power user can come to your rescue. Power-User is a one of a kind powerpoint tool, that is laced with  several add ons .  There are tools that provides us with a database of  templates, icons, diagrams, illustrations and charts, and some modification tools that can increase your productivity. It also allows multiple user platforms. Download for free now from !

Recover lost files from drives with Magi Uneraser

There are may recovery software available in the market today. Every other manufacturer claiming its product is better than the rest. In our view a backup software should be light in itself and also have a phenomenal accuracy of recovery. This search has brought us to the Magic Uneraser . Yes as the name suggests it simply recovers files like magic .  The tool is not only able to read any file format from FAT to NTFS, but added to that is its ability to retrieve the deleted files and folders. It doesnt matter is the drive healthy, damaged, formatted, and even inaccessible. Let alone hard drives it can work its magoic on memory cards, and USB flash drives too! Download for free now from !

Get accurate prayer times with this software

This post comes as a welcome note to all my Muslim readers. In the month of Ramadan, it is often seen that the fast is kept by the followers of Islam. However due to lack of knowledge about breaking the fast you end up breaking it too soon. Download this amazing software called Prayer Times . As the name suggests, this software can give you an accurate analysis over your prayer times and fast breaks . Download for free now from and also happy EID.

Speak better with this amazing speech correction software!

Are you surprised that despite talking humbly to people you have no friends? Do you waste opportunity in your first meet with the way you speak? The problem might not lie with your attitude or language issues, it might be your pitch, making people think you are rude, even when you are not! TuneCrack can help you fine tune your verbal pitch . Upon installing you need to sing into the software to record your normal pitch. The software analyses and compares it to the pitch recorded by you to the average values of pitch and gives you how much of your pitch needs to go up or down. With a regular practice you can correct pitch. Download for free now from

UCheck-Install, uninstall or update made easy

Updating softwares stored in our system is one hectic and time consuming work. Finding, searching then updating takes a lot of energy and time too. This can be automated with the help of the amazing Ucheck software. Ucheck upon installation maps of all the available softwares on your system and also makes your works easy and sophisticated by automatically updating softwares to latest versions . It supports a wide range of softwares and is ever increasing, download for free from

CPU-Z G1 - Your personal Hardware monitor

The hardware of a system decides how fast a system can run. The beefier your specifications, the faster your system shall run and better its performance. However, its important to find out if any component is causing a compatibility issue and thats where the CPU-ZG1 comes in. The software has a very exotic look to it. Its small, but upon install it shall display every single component specifications at once. Not only that it can zoom on to detailed specifications of PC too! It displays which components are over and under utilized. Download the software for free from .

BatteryMon-Your battery doctor and monitor

In laptops, one common problem of failure is battery. Improper charging, left for days in discharged mode, improper removal of battery improper shut down are some of the many reasons. Finally a software to correct your improper ways and graphically denote your battery status. BatteryMon is a personal battery assistant designed to monitor battery health. It graphically shows the charge and discharge rate and compares it to normal batteries. You can log daily use to check for abnormalities too! Download this amazing software from .

10. Slide Show - your ultimate photo slideshow companion

Returned from a vacation and have to view about a thousand images? Office presentation, but all you want to do is show some pictures of works and repeated clicks to change slides worrying you? Presenting the mother of all slideshow softwares , the  10. Slide Show . The software can convert any folder you like into an instant slideshow. The software can be downloaded for free from and upon an easy install you can simply select the folders you like, set the time delay and voila, your presentation is prepared! Download for free now and enjoy!

RetroEditor-relive the retro years

If retro is something that still amazes you and the 70s and 80s left an indelible impression on you, then this post is just for you. Today there is no shortage of photo editing apps, but very few are able to give you retro filters or edits. Presenting a photo editor dedicated to retro photo edits ,  RetroEditor ! The software is tiny in size, yet packs a punch. Basically it converts 32 bit images to 8 or 16 bits. The convert to option can be chosen to convert any and every pic into pre-set retro styles. You can also save it in any format from JPG to GIF. Download for free from !

Pinner-pin your favorite items on the internet

The internet is like the universe in itself. Its ever expanding and we can never guess by how much. This is an amazing news for some, but for some its bad news. The google search entry you saw at number 4 yesterday might not be there today. This makes Pinner a very effective software. Pinner can save locations and data of items on the internet and help you organize your collections. Easy to install and done in minutes, the software can create a complete database and folder of items on the net and save the locations. Download for free now from .

PCTimer- Operation on PC redefined

Computers by itself are a boon to the society and mankind. Usually we do our work on the computer for a certain time, but to avoid wasting a computers resources the other times we have to manage its power state well. That is where the amazing PcTimer software come to picture. Visually it may look like a tiny software but the logic behind is simple, set times to shutdown, restart, lock pc or just hibernate. It can automatically change the power mode too to conserve resources of the PC. Never fear dozing off as your desk or your little cousin hijacking your laptop for some hours. Download now from ! 

Glip-Communication with coworkers made easy

Working on a big project and a big office makes it difficult to communicate? Experiencing lack of proper coordination due to the coworkers not able to exchange ideas? Is project at a standstill due to lack of proper interactions? With Glip you can rest assure that your project shall progress well. Glip is an interoffice communication platform . Upon installing through an advanced yet improved GUI you can keep tabs on your coworkers and increase communication across the office. Download for free from !

WinReminders-never forget a task again

If you are a windows user and you keep forgetting activities to be conducted on your pc, then today's software discussion is about you. Ladies and gentlemen, today we bring forth the legendary Winreminders , never miss a reminder again. The software is available for free download from . Basically any task from updating data structures to updating the os to even possible moving of files, all can be scheduled on this software. You set the commands and the automated system does it, much like Iron man's JARVIS. 

Homedisk - Your personal software file locker and viewer

Every household has their set of camera pictures and videos to share. As the social media influence grows most of them find there way up to these sites, but there are some images that are meant to be shared among family only. For this, we have found the right software solution for you- Homedisk. Homedisk is like a personal file locker and sharing software for your family.It also supports viewing photo files and audio and videos too. Now all your important moments shall forever stay close to you and you can securely view them and close them up with a password. Download for free now from .

CCleaner- Keep your PC free of junk

If you are facing a sudden slowdown in your system performance, then this could be due to the influence of junk files. In spite of proper uninstall and maintenance, junk files creep into our systems. They slowly occupy main memory and important blocks of storage, and constantly use up resources from your PC. CCleaner is a legendary name in the world of junk removal. From internet browser cache to registry junk values, the software removes every single trace of junk files . You can also schedule the cleaning process for automated cleans at regular intervals. Download for free now from .

Virtual Breadboard- The best alternative to real electronics!

Tired of failing at electronics tests? Unable to practice at home for lack of a breadboard? Is placing in series or parallel fails to obtain result? Then today's software in feature is just for you. The virtual breadboard is one stop solution for all electronics tests. Simply download the software " Virtual Breadboard " for free from and you can get a virtual environment to work on. Create and set power or resistances of your items on the breadboard and create a virtual realistic simulation of a breadboard . Electronics test became so much easy and fun. Download now!

Caliper2PC-Transfer digital data from caliper to PC

Today's world has gone digital. Everything from computers to our daily use instruments have gone digital, to allow for more accuracy and more sophistication. All engineering equipment today have gone digital to allow sync between data and instrument. But there are software as such to sync data between them and a PC. Welcome  Caliper2PC , the most sophisticated software that can transfer and sync data between an instrument and PC . All you have to do is configure the tool using a pre-set measurement precision attached and you are good to go. Take measurements of items and it shall be synced automatically. Download for free from . 

Speed Fan- Monitor PC fan speed

A PC or laptop may be defined by its configuration, but what most people forget or ignore is one of the most crucial parts of it. The fan and its heat sink. Without them functioning properly the system has an erratic behavior and can shut down unexpectedly leading to terrible loss of data. Speed fan is an amazing software to get PC fan speed and voltage data . Upon installation it checks all the on-board fans and cabinet fans. You can get speed, voltage, temperature and PWMs. Its simple and easy to use and can conveniently warn against impending fan failure, download now for free from !

Get all your system info with Total PC Audit

Often there are some hardware and software that are present on your PC but away from your eyes. We came across this software called Total PC Audit, that is one of a kind PC system information utility  gatherer. Not only can it detect all hardware, but also extract exactly which version of the driver its running on. It unique process manager can easily detect all running tasks and delete any and every task that is consuming a lot of system memories. A precise driver list helps to easily detect driver versions too! Download now for free from and take control of your PC!

Karaoke Shell - The ultimate karaoke jukebox!

People around the globe love karaoke. The concept brings delight to people, they can not only pitch into their favorite tunes but also have a perfect background music for the same. There are indeed many softwares for karaoke, but most are paid or cant set the pitch right. What we have here is the best free karaoke solution for you! Presenting, the Karaoke Shell . The software can link your mobile or tablet with your PC and even TV! Yes, now no need to buy those karaoke mics. Just download this application for free from and you can play amazing karaoke on your tv and with a regular mic sing along!

Magix Audio Lab - Make professional sound edits

Ever wanted to edit your misc to make it more catchy and snappy? Or maybe accentuate you videos by enhancing the quality of its background audio, removing unwanted noise and enhancing mic audio? Well with the latest software, Magix Audio & Music labs , you can do a professional sound editing on videos and music ! The software comes with high quality audio enhancement plug-ins, Pitch editing, section editing and high quality equalizer. This coupled with its superior sound recording feature makes it a complete laboratory for your sound experiments! Download this amazing software for free now from !

Bulk Crap Uninstaller-Uninstall in batches

Just as installation of an program is important so is its uninstallation when the program has served its purpose or space for that program is insufficient. Now we can always do it via the humble control panel. But problems are galore with it. To begin with, you can install only one software at a time, making it a very difficult and time taking process. This has a solution in form of  Bulk Crap Uninstaller. The BCU  is one of the best batch uninstaller we have tested of late. Not only can you uninstall multiple files at a time but you can also mop up the left over junk easily. You can create a list of your uninstall and get it done for in due time! Download for free now from .

Bullzip PDF Printer-convert any file to PDF

Bullzip PDF printer is one of the best PDF conversion software we have tested recently. While conversion from Microsoft word is easy, but from excel, ppt or access its a bit difficult. So the solution can either be us keep using online sites to make pdfs, with less accuracy and problems or use the Bullzip. The software can be used to virtually convert any Microsoft office file into a PDF file . We tested the free version and it has limitations for 10 people but is still worthwhile. Also what we noticed was the despite being a freeware it was virus free and ads free. We recommend you download a working version now from  for free!

Bzzt! Image Editor- Edit images in batches with speed

Editing tools are galore in today's market. What basically happens is that, either these tools are too complex to use or are not available for free. After a frantic search upon countless requests by users, we have finally found out the golden chalice. Yes friends, the one and only tool you will ever need to edit your images is  Bzzt! Image Editor. This software is a simple editing tool with a one window interface. You can fix up all your images in the window on any format  PNG, JPG and JPEG, BMP, and GIF. The menus available let you edit photos at one go and provide the output in GIF or JPG format. So now compress and convert your images in one go with this amazing software. Download for free now from !

USB Security Suite - Protect your files and secure USB ports

Tired of your colleagues at work stealing you files from your workstation? Is repeated ejection of pendrives a problem for you? Viruses from unknown pendrives constantly corrupting your drives? Then today this post is for you. Secure all your USB ports with the amazing USB Security Suite . Published by Dynamikode, the boss in security services, the software does a basic thing-it password protects your USB Ports , preventing pesky outsiders and data theft prevention . To top it all, the tool also removes autorun files and malicious shortcut viruses. Also every usage can be logged on a txt file and exported! So what are you waiting for, download for free from now!

SyvirBuild-Create network inventory list with simple clicks

If you are a network administrator and keeping a track of software and hardware resources is your need and work, we have just the right software to make your work smooth and easy! Presenting SyvirBuild-the best in class network inventory manager.It can help a network administrator create a database of software and hardware resources on your network with simple clicks . Upon installation from , the free download software site, this smart software downloads and installs a client that can easily can every node in a network and instantly create a database of the network inventory. What's cool is that it can present you with a 3d view of your networks making them easier to mange too! So scan and easily manage networks now with the amazing SyvirBuild .

AnyDesk-world's fastest screen sharing software

Screen sharing is very very popular these days. Gone are the days when you would have to lodge complaints and wait for days for a technician to come over and check your system. Or when your expert help is away you would have to wait for days to them to comeback. AnyDesk is a revolution in the world of screen sharing and is the  world's fastest screen sharing software ! Compared to other softwares which need to be purchased yearly or monthly, this is free. The features are simple and plug and play. Simply download the client for free from . Then install it in your PC. Upon sharing a username and password you can easily share your screen across any other remote pc.Its GUI is simple and its intelligent and can tunnel across firewalls with ease! 

CopyTrans Contacts-Easy iphone contact migration tool

Planning to change your iPhone to the latest model, but all thats keeping you from doing it is the tension of losing out your contacts? Lack of native sync and backup option on phone in apple devices often creates a problem while migrating the contacts from one to another end. This leads to data loss and other problems. But with  CopyTrans Contacts -there is nothing to lose! Easily sync and backup iphone contacts ! This software was downloaded by us for testing from, due to its malware free and FREE softwares. We took an iPhone 5s and easily moved over all contacts with images and emails etc synced on directly to PC. Upon plugging it to the system, the new phone was synced with the contacts in a matter of seconds! We totally recommend this tool for navigating contacts for your iPhone. Download for free from !

Appnimi RAR Password Unlocker-The best RAR password decrypter

Often in our daily life we come across rar files that are encrypted and password protected. From game cracks to software patches, the developers to provide them on a rar file, but these are sealed, in want of money or other services, completion of which may (or maynot) open your RAR. Well with my latest find you will never have to end up on these dubious schemes ever! Presenting  Appnimi RAR Password Unlocker . This software was downloaded by me from the software haven,! The software uses bruteforce hacks and dictionary mehods to open up password protected RAR files . If some password is too encrypted, you can switch off your system and resume the next day too! Download for free from and i assure you, no RAR file can remain sealed forever!

Exif wMarker- Add a visible watermark to your images

Secure your photos with your watermark! Exif wMarker  is a simple and user friendly tool to add a visible watermark to your images . The watermark text can be a fixed text (such as copyright or company web site), an image logo or the content of exif or iptc metadata fields.  Exif wMarker  allows you to batch process all images inside a folder and automatically write over them any information taken from exif or iptc metadata fields. Exif wMarker  can be a useful tool to help protect your images from unauthorized distribution or simply to overlay a description on your pictures. Exif is the perfect tool to prepare your pictures for display on a photo frame, it can resize images and write a description over them.The text appearance can be easily customized, you can change font, color and opacity or set special effects like outline, shadow, glow or emboss.Download for free from !

ZipGenius-Best and Free File Compressing tool!

A neat and easy way to secure files and folders is have them stored in an archive . In a category saturated with compression tools,  ZipGenius  makes room for itself through a fast and secure engine that sports the essential capabilities to manage archives . Its interface is extremely user-friendly, and completely different from what you’ve seen in similar software. It bundles a few menus and large buttons for access to its most important functions. You can create a new archive, open it, extract it or send one via e-mail. The actual compression task is done via a Command Prompt window. When you choose to extract an archive, you can opt to decompress all the files, only the selected ones, or by a certain format. It’s simple enough for beginners, while power users can also spend quality time with it exploring the advanced features it has to offer. It takes advantage of basic system tools to get the process done as fast as possible, with little effort required on your behalf. Download f

QuickJump-create shortcuts for locations on your computer

QuickJump  is a lightweight, portable application that can help you create shortcuts for various locations or items on your computer and place them within a context menu so that you can access them without great efforts. Since this is a portable app, you don't need to perform any setup process in order to deploy the application to the target computer, as simply launching its executable grants you full access to its entire array of functions. Furthermore, it can be copied to and launched from removable storage media such as USB flash drives or external HDDs, won't tamper with any of your Windows registries and won't create additional files or folders on your computer. QuickJump  provides you with quick access to any location or item on your PC by creating entries in its menu interface and letting you navigate to them quickly at the press of a button. To sum it up,  this  is a handy application that can help you put your desired locations and on from your computer at your

WinReducer EX-80-create a custom ISO for installing WIndows 8

There are many people who want to get complete control over their operating system from the moment it gets installed on their PC until it is up and running. So if you are an experienced user who wants to create a custom ISO for installing WIndows 8, you can try  WinReducer EX-80 . Due to this program, you will be able to remove some of the default Windows 8 functions and features such as Metro apps, drivers, fonts, or services. Advanced skills are needed otherwise you might end with a non-functional ISO. You also need a genuine Windows 8 ISO, be it x86 or x64, before you start using  WinReducer EX-80 , as the app basically allows you to explore the ISO’s functions, remove the ones you don’t like, the save it as a new image. Once this step has been completed, you can move on to the next ones, where the actual customization takes place. In order to efficiently use  WinReducer EX-80 , you should need to take the time and analyze each OS function before deciding to remove it from the ta

RTF-Repair Kit-Repair corrupted windows file

Text filtering is one of the most remarkable features of the program that ensures that extracted texts containing meaningful content only, without system characters, tags, service marks or any other irrelevant elements. This repair corrupt RTF file software is fully compatible with a wide range of Windows (from Windows 98 through Windows 7) and has extremely modest system requirements, enabling users to run it on older systems. The installation file of  RTF Repair Kit  is very compact and the program itself requires absolutely no external components, like frameworks or libraries, to operate. RTF Repair Kit  is an absolute must-have for copywriters, editors, translators and representatives of dozens of other professions whose work is closely tied with text processing. RTF files are often handed over on flash drives, sent via instant messengers or other channels, and can be damaged just as easily as any other files. This product will make RTF file corruption a minor incident, as oppo

PPT Repair Kit - Repair corrupted Presentations

If your presentations  are corrupted right before your event and you cant afford to make a new one, my blog is for you guys. From the end users perspective,  PPT Repair Kit  saves a considerable amount of time and money, since it saves them the trouble of having to outsource this task to an external service provider, which may not be fast, affordable, or both. The program is a perfect choice for users who are trying to recover ppt from the consequences of a system crash or virus attack, and are willing to find out how to repair PPT file online without anyones help. Compatible with the most popular versions of MS PowerPoint and Windows, the software can be run on relatively old systems. Slides are restored directly to PowerPoint, whereas charts are exported to Excel and can be opened for editing or re-import to PowerPoint. Users trying to find out how to repair PPT files after a system crash will take advantage of the programs advanced automation capabilities, stability and outstand

VDraw-Paint like a professional

Want to create amazing graphics for banners and brochures? But lack of professional editing tools making you lose out on it? Want a simple solution to design posters and graphics easily?  VDraw is a graphic editor software designed specifically for helping you create brochures, product covers, business presentations and other similar projects using a set of vector drawing tools, various symbols and graphic templates , barcodes, charts, as well as clipart objects. The GUI may look a bit overwhelming at a first glance as the program embeds a comprehensive suite of drawing tools and editing features.  Basic editing options enable you to undo or redo your actions, cut, copy, paste or delete the selected object, copy or paste the image to or from the clipboard.  VDraw allows you to import photos in order to alter them. You may add frames and borders, adjust the contrast, color balance and saturation, resize and crop the pictures, lighten or darken the images, as well as apply special e

WiFi Mouse-make any mouse wireless

Have a wired mouse and along with it trouble of operating it? We have a solution for it!  Transform your phone into a wireless mouse , keyboard, remote desktop and trackpad using WiFi Mouse . it enables you to control your PC, MAC or HTPC effortlessly through a local network connection. This is mouse server for being controlled by Android/ISO WiFi Mouse. WiFi Mouse supports speech-to-text as well as multi-finger trackpad gestures. WiFi Mouse enables you to control your PC, MAC or HTPC effortlessly through a local network connection. So effectively you can turn any mouse into a working wireless mouse in minutes! Free Download from now and enjoy!