QuickJump-create shortcuts for locations on your computer

QuickJump is a lightweight, portable application that can help you create shortcuts for various locations or items on your computer and place them within a context menu so that you can access them without great efforts.Since this is a portable app, you don't need to perform any setup process in order to deploy the application to the target computer, as simply launching its executable grants you full access to its entire array of functions.Furthermore, it can be copied to and launched from removable storage media such as USB flash drives or external HDDs, won't tamper with any of your Windows registries and won't create additional files or folders on your computer.
QuickJump provides you with quick access to any location or item on your PC by creating entries in its menu interface and letting you navigate to them quickly at the press of a button.To sum it up, this is a handy application that can help you put your desired locations and on from your computer at your fingertips by creating entries in a menu, which can be easily accessed by launching the executable. It requires no installation and doesn't provide you with a standard interface, but can be understood and operated by a wide range of users. Download for free from softpaz.com!


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