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Now test software in your web browser before you download!

We all know the troubles we have to go through when searching for software that is fit for our purpose - download 5-6 different software and trying them all out. The bad part is not the downloading or trying out, its the installing and uninstalling part. To that mix, add some rogue software that just do not want to be uninstalled! You have to take the help of CCleaner to get fully rid of such ill mannered software. At Softpaz , we recognize this universal problem and have a very unique solution - the software now runs in your browser without downloading! Yes, you read that right, you no longer have to download the software in order to run try it out! Gone are the days when you have to download 2-3 gigabytes of software and any other dependencies that might be needed for it, and then find out that this software is not good enough for your work! To add more cream to this: This feature is totally free for anyone to use ! You can try out unlimited software for unlimited time! No res