Now test software in your web browser before you download!

We all know the troubles we have to go through when searching for software that is fit for our purpose - download 5-6 different software and trying them all out. The bad part is not the downloading or trying out, its the installing and uninstalling part. To that mix, add some rogue software that just do not want to be uninstalled! You have to take the help of CCleaner to get fully rid of such ill mannered software. At Softpaz , we recognize this universal problem and have a very unique solution - the software now runs in your browser without downloading! Yes, you read that right, you no longer have to download the software in order to run try it out! Gone are the days when you have to download 2-3 gigabytes of software and any other dependencies that might be needed for it, and then find out that this software is not good enough for your work! To add more cream to this: This feature is totally free for anyone to use ! You can try out unlimited software for unlimited time! No res

Use a Timer clock on your PC with the help of this software!

From boiling an egg or resetting proxies on time outs, need for a timer is always there, perhaps more than a clock itself. Portable, full-featured and lightweight timer for Windows Free Timer allows you to create countdown timers. It has a simple, clean interface. It displays time in the taskbar , as a hint in the tray and even in the right-click menu of the tray icon. The tray icon indicates the mode of the timer (running, paused, completed). It has multiple alert types - message box, tray icon popup, audio file and any application.Download for free now from !

Free your hands from mouse clicks!

Need a software to autoclick your mouse to victory in games? Advanced Mouse Auto Clicker provides you with yet another application software that does not need any introduction and not because its exhaustive title, but of the fact that many of you would use such an application for some rather unorthodox purposes.  Auto clickers are a type of software or macro that can be acclimated to automate clicking .This type of auto-clicker is fairly generic and will often work alongside any other computer program running at the time and acting as though a physical mouse button is pressed. Download for free now from !

Optimize your system to lightening fast speed

It is often we think that closing all windows shall finish up the work of reducing load on a PC. Well, ah ahan. Nope. From registry entry to background junk, there are many components or parts to optimizing that need to be addressed. Advanced System Optimizer 3 is a multi-functional PC optimization suite. It improves your PC's performance by cleaning Registry, updating Drivers and optimizing disk. This collection includes Antispyware, Game & Memory Optimizer, & Junk Remover. Download for free now from !

Finally a software to terminate background processes!

Often, terminating background processes becomes messy. What happens is we keep some tasks running and soft exit, thinking they are gone. But they are running in the background taking up valuable RAM and CPU resources! tuPoz can assist users facing such quandaries, by allowing one to terminate any type of process currently running.With a simple check, users can not only kill a running process, but also delete the corresponding executable .  Once this task is performed, the program automatically copies to Clipboard the path of the deleted entry.Its unique ability to search for processes matching a given query and to batch kill all matching entries is phenomenal. Download for free now from !

Perform disk defrag faster!

If you are tired of using the native windows defrag tool for hours with no result, its time to switch over! Quick Defrag is known to quickly and efficiently reduce any defragmentation on your drives with minimal keystrokes. It does not require any installation to run and we found it ran very smoothly and completed the described actions quickly. Even though it is a very small program, it does offer several scan options, including the option of automatically running a defrag either daily, weekly or monthly. Download now for free from ! It can also run in the background without interfering in normal daily activities. Quick Defrag allow's you to defrag your hard drive, in a matter of seconds, literally. Just load it up, select the drive and click start and watch your Hard Drive finish defragging before you can blink your eyes! 3 step process, that's all it takes. 

Keep track of your SSD Life!

SSD's incredible speed with extreme reliability is making the world switch over! SSDLife Free displays detailed information about your SSD drive , including total work time, drive age and number of times it was powered on .It also provides the overall health of your SSD as reported by the drive and estimates the expected lifetime of your drive.  The estimated lifetime is calculated depending on the amount of data written to the drive.Use this software for advanced technical details and scheduled checks!!. Download for free now from !