WinReducer EX-80-create a custom ISO for installing WIndows 8

There are many people who want to get complete control over their operating system from the moment it gets installed on their PC until it is up and running. So if you are an experienced user who wants to create a custom ISO for installing WIndows 8, you can try WinReducer EX-80.Due to this program, you will be able to remove some of the default Windows 8 functions and features such as Metro apps, drivers, fonts, or services. Advanced skills are needed otherwise you might end with a non-functional ISO.

You also need a genuine Windows 8 ISO, be it x86 or x64, before you start using WinReducer EX-80, as the app basically allows you to explore the ISO’s functions, remove the ones you don’t like, the save it as a new image.Once this step has been completed, you can move on to the next ones, where the actual customization takes place.
In order to efficiently use WinReducer EX-80, you should need to take the time and analyze each OS function before deciding to remove it from the target ISO. Download it free from!


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