Power Archiver-Forget Winrar, this software is the one you need!

Over the years compression tools have become more and more important. As app and game sizes increase exponentially and storage sizes stay a standstill, the need for squeezing as much as possible in as little a space as you can makes more sense. Usually we have been using Winrar. But its compressions have limitations. Not all files can be compressed well and antiviruses return false positives of it. Plus the constant reminder to buy it after 40 days looms large.

The problem can be solved with the best compression software in the market, making winrar look like a drawf. Introducing the Power Archiver. In addition to RAR and ZIP it can extract a lot more than winrar can, even BH files making it a software better than winrar! Topple that with auto updating the app and features like password protection and corrupted file repair and you have got yourself a package! Download your free software from softpaz.com, the ultimate software solution!


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