NetCut - disconnect everyone from the internet!

This should be classified as one of the most dangerous software in the hands of nerds. I tested it out in two different universities that I attended - spread across India, more than 2000KM apart, and this software did wonders!

What NetCut basically does it disconnect everybody else from the internet. It is a really great tool in the hands of a newbie hacker. Use it once and be called a hacker forever. Even though the software is free, really simple to use and one can find it abundantly on the internet, I could not find many users for it in the universities I attended.

Technically, it makes your computer or laptop act as the main wifi gateway and spreads false information to all others connected that this is the new gateway. So, only your computer then uses the real internet, whereas all others traffic is redirected towards your computer where it ends abruptly. It is very difficult to find out who is operating the software when it is used on the wifi network. It is completely safe to use and I have personally downloaded tens of GBs of data after gaining that edge in the speed by pushing everybody else out from the university network!


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