Why Softpaz?

The biggest question that comes to everyone's mind is why another software download website on the internet. The answer to that is simple - to create a more simplistic interface where people can download software without getting caught on to strange looking download buttons, even stranger advertisements, and download information with clear cut knowledge about whether the software is paid or free. Most of us don't care about the additional title of 'free-to-play', 'free to try', 'free to review', etc and just want to know if the software is paid or free. All software can be broadly classified as software for which you have to pay money, or software which you can use without paying any money.

Many websites baffle the users with so many available options that the user is not themselves sure if pressing the download button will charge their credit card or make the aliens invade their home the next moment. Softpaz aims to categorize all these data spread over the internet. Our "bots" classify each software as free or paid and copy it over to our high speed servers and keep checking the original publishers websites' for version upgrades every second day. It also keeps track of various other websites that sell software to gather knowledge about where you can get that particular piece of software at a discounted rate or get the best deal - and this really matter for people who prefer not to pirate software.

So, in essence, Softpaz is a windows software download website that aims to bring a little bit of logic and categorization to the open free software market and let it users see the biggest deals going on for any software with links on where to buy the software at the best price! We currently have the biggest database of windows software and free games on the internet. Enjoy it while we can keep this website up without any funding source!


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