LXtory-Take screenshots with ease

With so many media capture utilities and hosting services to choose from, it is no wonder that finding the right one is not easy. With it comes the added risk that they never seem to work so well with each other. If taking screenshots and gifs is your requirement, then LXtory is what you want. It can take screenshots and record GIFs, and then upload them with minimal input required on your part.

LXtory allows you to capture screenshots of a selected window, a specific area of the desktop or the entire screen. These images can be saved locally as PNG files, as well as uploaded automatically.The application can upload images or GIFs as soon as they are created, copy their URLs to the clipboard and open the links in your default browser.save everything locally, it is remarkably easy to upload content to ImgurDropboxGoogle Drive and FTP servers. Download for free now from softpaz.com.


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